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Open Call Audition, Call Back and Casting Information
Harry Connick, Jr's musical "the Happy Elf"
Open Call Information     Adult Application Form
Student Application Form (Grades K through 12)  
Calling all aspiring “Happy Elves”!!!

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the Scranton Cultural Center’s (SCC)  December 2014 stage production of Harry Connick Jr.’s  musical “The Happy Elf.”  The Scranton Cultural Center is very excited to present this opportunity to our community.  The SCC is dedicated to the casting of local talent whenever possible.

The creative team for this production are:

Producer - Bill Mutimer

Director - Michael Melcher

Musical Director - Sheri Melcher

Choreographer - Cristina Sohns Williams

Production Manager - Dawn McGurl

We will be holding open call auditions for children in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade and for Adults ages 18+ .

We are looking to cast the show which will include several featured and solo roles as well as members of the ensemble. The entire cast will comprise about 100 members. We will be casting understudies and we will double cast the ensemble and some featured roles. Description of the roles for the show follow at the end of this page. 

Open Call Audition Information:

Once you complete the necessary forms and return them to the SCC via e-mail to Dawn McGurl at  you will be contacted via e-mail to confirm your registration and will be given a time slot for auditions.

  1. Auditions dates/times:
  • Wednesday, September 10 - 6:00pm – 8:00pm - OPEN AUDITIONS ALL AGES - No pre-registration necessary. Fill out application and bring it with you. IF you have a head shot and/or resume please attach to the application and hand it in when you arrive to check in. We will have blank applications available. Auditions will be taken in the order in which you arrive.

  • CALL BACKS - Sunday September 14 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm - You will be notified via e-mail if you are Called Back

2. Audition materials

Please be prepared to sing a short excerpt from a piece of Broadway musical theater (32-bars).  An accompanist will be provided.  Please bring sheet music. *Children may choose to sing "Jingle Bells" and the SCC will provide lyric sheet for that song. After hearing all singers, Sheri Melcher (musical director) may work with the group as we sight-read some SATB selections from the score during the group dance audition.

You will also be asked to read sides; a copy will be provided at the audition.

At each audition session (with the exception of the K-5th graders) you will be asked to return after the last audition for a group dance audition. Please wear clothes you can dance and move in and have shoes you can dance in as well, character shoes, jazz shoes, ballet flats or sneakers. No bare feet allowed.

Please bring a headshot and resume if you have one.

We will be conducting CLOSED auditions. No one but the person auditioning is allowed in the room. If a child is too young or timid to audition alone they are not ready for this project.

Please be on time for your scheduled appointment and ready to go when called.

3. Call-Backs /Casting

CALL BACKS will be held on Sunday September 14, 2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

We will inform all via email September 9, 2014 if you were called back or not. Casting will be announced late September. You will find out either way if you were cast or not. We are looking for balanced sections vocally and certain character types, so keep in mind that if you are not cast, it might just be a practical choice based on numbers, character need etc. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

4. Rehearsal Schedule

The rehearsal schedule will be posted soon and we realize that you may choose not to participate due to conflicts.  All rehearsals are mandatory and will take place at the SCC. A detailed schedule will be sent to all cast members at the time the cast list is released. Please check your schedule to be sure you are available for all show dates listed below. ***Please note: Ensemble cast members and some lead and feature roles will not have to be in every show, you will have some shows days off. We will be double casting the show and the breakdown of Cast 1 and Cast 2 will be sent out at the time the show is cast.










DECEMBER 26 - MATINEE 1:00PM   •   EVENING 7:00PM     

DECEMBER 27 - MATINEE 1:00PM   •   EVENING 7:00PM     



5. Special Notes

  • There is no monetary remuneration offered, but we are sure that the project will prove to be an exciting opportunity for all.  This is a premier of the musical “The Happy Elf” with music written by Mr. Harry Connick, Jr..  He is planning on attending the production at some point in the run of the show IF his schedule permits. Although, as with any performer’s schedule, there is always a possibility that he cannot attend.

  • The SCC and the cast and creative team for “The Happy Elf” will take part in the annual Scranton “Santa Parade” to be held on Saturday November 22. More information will be sent to the cast.

  • The SCC and the cast and creative team for “The Happy Elf” will take part in a “Breakfast with Santa and the Happy Elf!” at the SCC on Sunday December 7, 2014.

Open Call Information     Adult Application Form      Student Application Form (Grades K through 12)  

Thank you for your interest in this exciting project! 

We will be casting the following roles:

Eubie (age range 18 - 29) - Energetic, Extremely Happy Elf Tenor, Crooner, think Harry Connick, Jr. ! Vocal range - B2 - G4

Molly (age range 12- 16 ) - The mean girl, diva daughter of the Mayor

Curtis (age range 12- 16) - Molly's minder and personal assistant

Gilda (age range 18 - 29) Energetic, Nervous, Extremely Neurotic, Has an aversion to dirt, and desperately wants to be Eubie's Girlfriend. Broadway belt a plus! Vocal range - C4 - G5

Hamm (age range 18 - 29) Energetic Eubie's best friend, Santa's Number one Mechanic, not the brightest tool in the shed, but has a heart of gold. Vocal Range - C3 - F4

Norbert (age range 20 - 35) Ambitious, conniving, dirty rotten scoundrel, wants to be lead elf and will do anything to get it. The bad elf of the piece. Vocal Range - B2 - G #4

Santa Claus (age range 40 - 60) The big guy, jolly, happy, loves to eat cookies, hen pecked by Mrs. Claus. Vocal Range - G2 - F4

The Mayor of Bluesville (age Range 30 - 50's) A no nonsense kind of guy, who is a workaholic. Has no time for his family and has grown a cold heart. He is not a bad guy just misunderstood. Has a change of heart by the end of the play. Vocal Range - A2 - F4

Gert - (age range 30 - 50) "Mrs. Mayor", also a No Nonsense, workaholic, self-centered, lonely, misses the good old "happy" days.

Vocal Range - E3 - F5

Ensemble - Males and Females of various ages - Elves, Elfettes and Bluesville Citizens Any questions about the auditions should be emailed to Dawn McGurl, Production Manager at

Please no phone calls!

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